Health Department to Make Antigen Tests Available to All Families Prior to Return to School

Dear Springfield School District families,

As part of the efforts to ensure access to test kits for school-aged students across the state, the State will be providing kits to families of school-aged children through locations across the state so they can know their students return to school healthy and ready to start the new year. The tests are not a requirement for students to return to school.

The Vermont Department of Health has distribution sites throughout the state over the next two days (Thursday, Dec. 30 and Friday Dec. 31). Parents and caregivers should register their school-age children to pick up a kit at a site near them. To register for an appointment to schedule a time to pick up your student’s kits, please go to  

The pick up site in Springfield is at 12 Missing Link Rd.  

Once you have collected a test kit, please have your student(s) take these tests at least 24 hours apart, starting two days before school begins. (One on January 1st and the other on January 2nd) 

If your child’s test is positive, please report your positive test result to the health department (Go to: and use the “online form to report your results”). Your child should not return to school if they test positive for COVID-19. 

Follow instructions for What to do if you test positive 


For additional guidance about COVID-19, consult the health department. Any child experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home from school regardless of their test result.

Thank you, again, for helping keep Vermont and our schools healthy.

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!